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Gretzky: An Autobiography

             I'd like her to know that we had a little daughter and that the old place still has a special meaning for me. For one thing, it's probably where I scored my first goal. I beat grandma on the stick side with a little rubber ball and a souvenir hockey stick she'd gotten at a Chicago Blackhawks game. She was my designated goalie. We'd all be sitting around at my grandparents' farm on the Nith River, about twenty minutes outside Brantford, watching 'Hockey Night in Canada.' She'd pretend her legs were the posts and she'd try and stop me from scoring. The poor lady got lots of welts on her leg that way." (Gretzky, 16).
             To start off, Wayne has been playing hockey ever since he was a young boy, he would be playing on the river or in the living room at his grandma's house. I can relate to this exact moment. My mother would drop me off every morning before work at my grandma's house. Even though, I didn't know much about hockey at the time, my grandpa would come home and take me to the Spokane Arena to watch a hockey game. I remember after watching a game against the Everett Silver-tips my grandpa got me a souvenir wooden hockey stick with the Chiefs' logo on the side. I would find a tennis ball and try to shoot the ball around the house. I later broke that stick. I can strongly relate to Wayne and his young lifestyle. .
             Also, you can tell that Wayne enjoyed playing hockey. When you enjoy doing something you do it more often and when you practice you get better. Wayne enjoyed playing hockey and that is why he is "The Great One." This passage just made me think, I realized that the best hockey player of all time started out my shooting on his grandmother, watching "Hockey Night in Canada," and playing hockey on the Nith River. Young Wayne started hockey at a very young age and excelled because of the enjoyment he had at hand. "Actually, I love it. I don't ever have a problem with people wanting my autograph, wanting to shake my hand or to save my napkin or whatever.

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