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Use of Diction in The Awakening

            Kate Chopin's book, The Awakening, uses many different literary techniques to entertain readers through her writing. Chopin's use of diction, imagery, and the characterization of Edna Pontellier add to the passage and the book as a whole. The author's purpose of entertaining readers is reached through the use of literary techniques. The strong diction, fascinating imagery, and characterization of Edna Pontellier as she comes to find herself all keep the book entertaining for readers to read. .
             The diction that Kate Chopin uses throughout this passage and the whole book was chosen very carefully. The diction was chosen to make readers feel a certain way by the specific words she uses. Chopin uses the words "beginning to realize" (Chopin 25). The phrase has a positive connotation and readers are led to believe that something has happened to Edna to make her understand her place in the world. Edna is described as a "human being" (Chopin 25). Clearly Edna Pontellier is the literal meaning of a human being, but in this case "human being" has a deeper meaning (Chopin 25). Edna, as a "human being," has a bigger purpose to serve (Chopin 25). The words "to recognize" have a positive connotation and the word "epiphany" is brought to mind (Chopin 25). Readers can tell from this diction that a sudden realization has occurred. Chopin uses the word "ponderous" to describe Edna's wisdom (Chopin 25). That is a curious choice of diction to use. The reader is left with the question of why Edna was given this wisdom. Edna is described as a "young woman" and she has "more wisdom than the Holy Ghost" (Chopin 25). Chopin puts a lot of emphasis on how much wisdom Edna Pontellier is given. The word "vouchsafe" is used to show a higher elevation of vocabulary. The diction that is used throughout the book is entertaining to readers because it appeals to their senses.

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