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Character Summary - White Fang

             Grey Beaver: He is the Indian who owns white fang and is the unspoken, in a type of way, master of white fang. Although he loves white fang and doesn't want him to go to a bad owner when Grey Beaver becomes addicted to alcohol he gives him to an abusive owner named Beauty Smith, simply to get Whiskey.
             Mit-Sah: He is Grey Beavers son and is responsible in training White Fang in an event in which I can not tell you because it would give away a part of the story and I am simply trying to make you interested. .
             White Fang: White Fang is a unique character and you aren't really sure what to think of him being as he is three fourths wolf and one fourth dog. He shows strength from the beginning when he survives, I'm not really sure I think it was kind of like Parvo, but he survived when all of the other dogs in the litter died. Under the influence of his kind master, he turns from the savage wolf dog of the north to a tamed, family like companion (wink).
             Bill and Henry: These are the two sled drivers who appear at the beginning of the book theyre not really relevant other than the fact that they show what the times are like not only for humans but also for animals and how survival of the fittest comes into play.
             Beauty Smith: Although his name is beauty that is exactly the opposite of this man. Several times throughout the book he is referred to as a monstrosity. He is a cruel, evil, and violent man. He is also the man that Grey Beaver sold White Fang to for whiskey.
             Weedon Scott: Scott is the man who was the true master to White Fang. He showed the example that all people, given maybe the absence of Tyler ( chuckle ) show to animals. He shows that animals need more than to be fed but they also need love and attention and because Scott shows this to White Fang. He is more obedient to Scott than he is anyone else in the novel.
             There are also several other minor characters that will be mentioned when you yourself read "White Fang.

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