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Types of Child Abuse

            Today, most of the children are abused by somebody who are responsible for their prosperity. Unfortunately, these people can be parents, caregivers or relatives. Sometimes, children can be at the same home with their abuser. Even though some child abuse cases are detected , most of them aren't reported and detected. Most of the time, children stay in silence due to the fact that children feel the power of abuser. Therefore, It's really substantial to be able to notice the signs of the child abuse.
             Child abuse is physical or mental, exploitation and maltreatment of a child by parents or caregivers. In other words, any behaviour that directed toward a child that endangers a child's physical ,emotional growth and health. When a parent or other adult gives rise to serious emotional or physical harm to a child, it is called as child abuse. Child abuse can occur such forms as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse and neglect. A number of serious cases of children abuse can come to end in death. Abused children are more likely to have difficulties in their relationship thought the rest of their life. Besides; it is more likely that they will have low self-esteem, depression, health issues and thoughts of committing suicide. When we are thinking about child abuse ,first thing coming in our mind is physical abuse but abuse is more than broken bones and bruises. .
             Because physical abuse can be visible, It is ordinary to draw attention much more than other types of abuse. Physical abuse can occur in variable forms such as striking, kicking, shaking a child. Furthermore; it can include scalding a child with hot water, intentionally burning, using an object to beat a child, throwing an object at a child , starving a child. Second type of child abuse is emotional abuse. This form includes ignoring a child, threatening, unceasingly criticizing child , restricting child movement, intimidation, rejection.

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