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Pepsi Co and the Mountain Dew Commercial

             The following information is based on the growth of Pepsi-Cola. PepsiCo is a successful company that grew from a small back room to a multibillion dollar company. The following will also educate you on the troubles it took to get where they are today and the many different brands that helped PepsiCo grow along the way. This information will also explain how Mountain Dew received the reputation of having the most raciest commercial in 2013, who produced the commercial, their reasoning behind the commercial and what the plan is on how they are going to fix and protect their brand. Their brand does not only involve Mountain Dew, it includes PepsiCo as a whole.
             A drugstore owner in 1893 from North Carolina by the name of Caleb Bradham developed a soda the he called Brad's Drink. The brand name at that time was named Pep Cola. Pep Cola was bought for one hundred dollars that was going under. The way Pep Cola received its name was by combining two ingredients, pepsin and cola. At this time Pep Cola was not on the market. It took until 1902 for Pep Cola to be launched in North Carolina in a little room in the backroom of Bradham's drugstore. By this time Bradham changed the name to Pepsi-Cola. Pepsi-Cola did not start out coming in bottle form. Pepsi-Cola was only sold in the form of syrup and was only sold to companies that offered fountain drinks. Bradham, over a short period of time came up with an idea of turning the syrup into a soda that can be sold in grocery stores and that consumers can purchase and have at any time in their homes (The Pepsi Store, 2013).
             By 1906 the six ounce glass bottles of Pepsi-Cola were in a total of fifteen franchises and by 1910 grew rapidly to where the bottles were being sold in 250 franchises in twenty-four states. During World War 1 Bradham thought the sugar prices would continue to grow so he decided to put money into sugar. Through the duration of the war sugar prices did not continue to rise, instead it fell and Pepsi-Cola could not financially handle the hit and ended up going bankrupt in 1923.

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