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Forbidden Love in The Great Gatsby

            "The Great Gatsby" is a novel written at the period before gay rights. At this time, homosexuality was regarded illegal and was a concept that was condemned socialy. It is the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald, an eloquent novel filled with messages meant to spark romance. Jay Gatsby is a self-made millionaire who is in a desperate sought of the only love Daisy who is married to Tom. The other premise that is rather obvious but tricky to argue is that Nick could be gay. What can be easily seen through the first pages of the book is that Nick Carraway was born in 1896, just about the same age as Fitzgerald. Furthermore, he attended Yale just like his father and was involved in the First World War. However, closely reading one discovers that there is something unusual about this character as well as concerning his family. The profile portrays him as a gay young man having hailed from a famous Middle Western family. .
             The 1920s period was culminated with prohibition and lack of morals as well as heightened desire for money. Due to the prohibition of alcohol, a group of people were engaged in bootlegging and were formed into crime groups. At this time, people did not perceive adultery as being such a big sin as they did not perceive marriage to be a life commitment. Through several characters such as Tom, there is a clear show of immorality as he cheats on his wife with another married woman. He even thinks that money is all a person wants and now that he has it, perceives himself a better person than those without. Indeed, Daisy ended up married to Tom not because she loved him, but because of his money. .
             On the other hand, Gatsby is desperately in love with Daisy, a beautiful woman from the South and is therefore forced into joining underworld practices which would inevitably ruin his life. Gatsby's love for Daisy may in a way have seemed misplaced, unrealistic and foolish. There is however something completely out of order for Nick as having an attachment with Gatsby.

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