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Defining the Singaporean Identity

            Singapore is a sui generis country in which many diverse cultures and races congregate and live together harmoniously in one community. In such a cosmopolitan country, it is inevitable that these people would bring along their culture and traditions to Singapore and influence the societal practices here. Therefore, Singapore gets to enjoy many different cultures in terms of food, clothing and religions. However, this also insinuates that the national identity of Singapore becomes blurred as a result of such globalization and influx of foreign cultures. With the arrival of foreigners, in which many chose to reside here and become permanent residents or even citizens, Singapore gradually evolves into a country of diversity. It becomes more and more unclear when it comes to the definition of a "Singaporean identity" as it is difficult to establish a common ground for all these "Singaporeans", with many originating from a migrant background. As such, many believed that there can never be a true Singaporean identity. However, some also considered that there are traces of the Singaporean identity that are unique only to Singapore. I personally think that although the Singaporean identity is still undergoing developing stage, it is irrefutable that an identity uniquely Singaporean would eventually crystallize, but it requires time and effort to do so.
             To begin with, there are indeed traits of the uniqueness of Singapore that can be used to mark the "Singaporean identity". From the openness to multiculturalism and multiracialism to the unique language of Singaporeans, "Singlish", these exclusive traits are distinctive only to Singaporeans. As Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said earlier in 2013 in parliament, "Singapore" may be a relatively new concept, but a Singaporean can pick another out from the crowd in a foreign place. "You don't have to wait f or him to speak.

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