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The Miami Heat and a Promising Season

            When the 2014-2015 NBA Pre-Season was about to tip off, the Miami Heat had a promising season ahead. With the signing of Josh McRoberts (Previous starter for the Charlotte Bobcats), Luol Deng (Former two time All-Star), and a few other key players to the team, the Miami Heat seemed as though they had recovered as much as they could have from the loss of LeBron James to the Cavaliers during free agency. They were predicted to be the third seed in the East and have a successful run for the playoffs. The Heat learned that Josh McRoberts had toe surgery following the previous season and that he would miss the entire Pre-Season. This was big blow to Miami's big man problem. Miami was planning to put McRoberts alongside Chris Bosh forming a strong frontcourt. Although he only missed the Pre-Season, which is only four games, he was not able to practice with the team and get used to the rotations. McRoberts made a full recovery and was able to start playing with the team again. The Heat got off to a 3-0 start and had what looked like a good season ahead of them. Early in November the Heat had found a promising young bigman named Hassan Whiteside who had played overseas, in the NBA D-league, and in the NBA. It was clear from the beginning that this young man had true potential and a bright future. Whiteside started off by breaking multiple Franchise records and a few NBA records to go along with it. He instantly became Miami's best bigman in many years. This filled a huge gap that Miami had, but they still were lacking a good Point Guard. Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole just weren't getting it done, both having shooting very poorly, not being able to score, and that the fact that neither of them are that special. Although Miami had a found a miracle in Hassan Whiteside their season was about to get a lot worse. .
             By the time the All Start break came around Miami had had half of their team injured and Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosch had both missed more than a week each.

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