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Visual Systems and Temporal Order Judgements

             The aims of this lab report is to determine whether there are differences in temporal resolution along the horizontal and vertical meridians, and to replicate the earlier findings by Cass and Van De Burg (2014) that contextual flicker interferes with temporal order judgement. Participants included six undergraduate psychology students completing the experiment as part of their course requirement in order to gain credit. The variable being measured was the just noticeable difference (JND) in each trial across two levels static and dynamic contexts, horizontal and vertical meridians. Participants were presented with 2 contextual conditions involving white and black disks. The static condition involved no flicker the distractor disks remained constant. The dynamic condition involved changes in distractors (flicker). The subject's task was to identify whether the left/right top/down target event occurred first. Findings were consistent across the three hypotheses; there was a high difference between horizontal vs. vertical, a low difference between static vs. dynamic contexts, and finally a high difference between contexts vs. meridian was present. .
             Perception is a vital element of the human being as it allows individuals to perform various tasks and integrate large information from its surrounding environment. The visual field can adapt to various rates of change such as light, time, and spatial contexts in order to correctly visualise an object. However there are limitations to such adaptations in the visual field which impact on an individual's ability to retrieve certain information (Luu & Kalloniatis, 1995) .
             This research report will specifically examine the temporal resolution of the visual system for making temporal order judgement. Temporal resolution varies across different tasks. According to Cass & Van der Burg (2014) experiment temporal resolution in the visual field is significantly limited by the rate at which time is perceived.

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