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Breaking Bad and the Modernization of Morality

            ´╗┐Universally acclaimed television show, Breaking Bad has received this praise for its modernisation of representing the morality issues within ourselves. Breaking bad about a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher trying to support his family that includes a newly-born and a son with cerebral palsy through the methamphetamine industry all the while pushing the boundaries of moral justification. .
             Morality in this instance is "principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour" and how Breaking bad parlays that is the representation of the moral issues that we empathise with. The actions of the main character Walter White and its rippling effect is the main representation vehicle used. An example of this representation is in the Season 3 Finale "Full Measure" where Walter has seemingly been trapped into a corner with nothing left to do and to protect him and those that he loves he must kill an innocent, aloof character. Throughout the series the show has been leading on to an eventual confrontation between the two as the Gale character was positioned as the successor to Walter. We empathise with Walt having been through his methodical steps and when burdened with making a decision and the effects it has on peripheral characters is how we make an evaluation on his morality. The writers of Breaking bad have positioned character reactions as being of shock and disapproval towards Walter's actions and thusly we as the audience have been positioned as being against Walter's rationalisation of the events that have transpired. This point of view is contrasted with the main character's ideals and perspective as we have sympathised with him and understood all the hardships he has faced over the course of the show's life cycle. This contrasting of the contrasting opinions and outlooks on moral issues is the basis for how Breaking Bad establishes and later questions ethical dilemmas within ourselves as a human being with feelings.

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