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Neighbors by Tim Winton

            Each country has its own identity, originating from its culture, way of life and history. When thinking about the identity of people from different countries, we often think about their stereotype and how that depicts them. Often, people are defined by the place that they are from, which is based on what people have heard and discovered themselves about that particular place. In 'Neighbors' by Tim Winton, we are introduced to a young woman and man, who have just moved into a new house, where they are surrounded with neighbors of different backgrounds. Through studying the different Stereotypes in this short story, different traditions and the different aspects of identity, it will become clear that identity is often linked to place.
             Tim Winton presents many ideas throughout the short story that define each of the different race people. The Macedonian and Polish are presented as having a very different culture and way of life to many other Australian families. Although Tim Winton doesn't reveal the nationality of the young couple, we can assume that they are of an Australian background due to their way of life. The Macedonian family are very close, loud, affectionate, bold, nosey and helpful. They are presented in a way that matches their typical stereotype. "In the spring, the Macedonian family showed them how to slaughter and to pluck and to dress." This is something that stereotypically Macedonian families tend to do. It is in their background to catch and kill animals within their family for their meals. The Polish widower was also very good with his hands, always building things. "The Polish widower slid through the fence uninvited and rebuilt it for them." Clearly, although each of these people are living in Australia, their identity is still linked to the place in which they are originally from.
             When growing up in a certain place, you often take on the traditions and ways of the people around you, because you don't know any different.

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