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Peer Pressure in Adolescence: How Far Will They Go?

             Many things can affect a student falling under the spell of peer pressure: types of friends, personality, trouble at home, parents, etc. To some extent, people can control the peer pressure in their lives. But what about adolescents? They are depicted as the type of people who, if asked if they would jump off a bridge because their friend did, would do it. The studies and articles I will present examine the effects of peer pressure under different circumstances and perspectives. I would like to see what peer pressure is exactly, and if it is does more harm or good. Do adolescences make their own decisions most of the time, or is it a reflection of their peers? .
             What is Peer Pressure?.
             First of all, it is important to have some background information on peer pressure. Some studies and articles presented peer pressure as something that was not harmful, even helpful, to adolescence. According to Bleyer (2014), "Peer influence is remarkably powerful all through our lives. But it's never more impactful than in childhood, when values have yet to take root and the self is still being formed" (p. 121). She goes along to say that the years of adolescence are actually when most kids are beginning to resist the influence of their peers, starting at about 14, and then plateauing at age 18 (Bleyer, 2014. p. 121). Bleyer (2014) also states that some exposure to peer pressure can be a good thing. It can strengthen a child and make them more resilient to these issues, and make smarter choices going into adulthood (p.1). Children are then able to solve their own problems and reject bad influences, even if they come about. Children do not need to be forbidden to experience friendships with those who issue peer pressure. This could, in Bleyer's terms, "increase the allure of the forbidden friend, and in older kids, drive a wedge between you and [the] child (p.121).".
             This idea is continued in the article, "Mollycoddled teens 'struggle with future relationships" by Rosie Taylor.

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