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The Love Between Hester and Dimmesale

            The Scarlet Letter, a novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, clearly shows the different ways a society and its members face sin. His work also shows how hidden sin can cause a man to perish, as well as the possibility of redemption. This is a story of Hester Prynne, who is the main character, and her acceptance of her sin. She does this publically and continually exhibits the characteristic of goodness and grace. Because of this, the letter takes on a new meaning, no longer does it mean "adultery,"now it means "able." And how Dimmesdale who has the same sin with Hester, endure the torment of his hidden sin. On the other hand, Hawthorne manifests Chillingworth's sin by describing the evil and envy which is deeply rooted in his mind. In a word, it is about a story of how people deal with their sin.
             While Hawthorne concentrates more on sin in this novel, the love between Dimmesdale and Hester plays a significant part in it as well. A general inspection of The Scarlet Letter displays a requited love between Hester and Dimmesdale. However, a close reading shows that Dimmesdale does not love Hester sufficiently because he lacks the ability and courage to accept his responsibility, except in the moments before his death. Firstly, in some aspects, Dimmesdale sees his reputation more important than loving Hester. Secondly, he is too focus on himself and his guilt that he cannot focus on Hester and Pearl. Finally, he only seeks to escape his sin and not to reveal a love for Hester.
             Dimmesdale is a very intricate person that he plays a dual role in this book. One is the pastor and the other is the secrete love of Hester. As a pastor, he has a really high reputation and he is capable to receive a lot of people's respect. But he falls in love with Hester and has a baby Pearl. That makes Hester have to bear the punishment of the sin and other's curse. He shows a manner to Hester of irresponsibility.

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