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The Evolution of Pablo Picasso

            Pablo Picasso arrived in Paris with great talent. Picasso wanted to create something different from the art of the high and powerful royalty. Schama says "Modern arts was modern.
             because it turns its back on those grand standing histories painted for aristocrats and kings". "Portrait of King Philip IV of Spain" by Diego Velasquez depicts royalty and honor on a horse with pride in King Philip's eye. Pablo Picasso paints a related piece called "Boy Leading a Horse". It is of a naked boy leading a barebacked horse. This painting does not imply a hero like in "Portrait of King Philip IV of Spain". This is only one example of how Pablo Picasso went against the art norms. Around 1910 Picasso switches from beauty and history to something even more impressive. Picasso started painting in "a different vision from what things really are - cubism" (Schama). He felt that everything contained hard lines and images that can be put into boxes. .
             In 1920s Paris, Pablo Picasso was a highly praised and successful artist. He lived in and elegant apartment with his wife, Olga, and son, and "all of art was his kingdom" (Schama). Schama says that Picasso was "drunk on self confidence and cleverness, he could take it wherever he fancied" (Schama). In 1927, Picasso meets Marie-Thérèse, and she becomes his lover and inspiration. The first painting of here is titled "The Dream" and depicts her sensually and gently masturbating. While Marxism is rising to power and politics are on everyone's mind, Picasso turns self obsessed and his painting reflected on his inner core. Lots of paintings like "The Painter and His Model" show Picasso in his studio; "lots of reflections in or around mirrors" (Schama) and nude models like in "Large Nude in a Red Armchair" with body parts rearranged. Picasso had many complications with his love life, and his paintings showed that.

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