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The Calais Migrant Crisis

            The featured article concerns the Calais crisis, where dozens of migrants unlocked and broke through a supposedly secure door into the Eurotunnel complex in order to migrate from France into Britain. The article describes how the migrants were believed "to have guessed the code by examining which numbers were the dirtiest on the security code lock system." It is believed that most of the migrants were intercepted by security staff and thereby interrupted in their attempt to escape France. The article states that Britain has committed £19 in extra funding for security measures since the crisis erupted in June. Furthermore the article describes how a Sudanese man named Abdul Rahman Haroun walked all the way to England through the tunnel where trains travel at more than 100 mph only 80 cm. from the side of the tunnel. Facts about the Calais border is featured at the bottom at the article, and it states that around 100-150 migrants arrive to Calais every day, which is quite a number. .
             The fact that these migrants run such a significant risk breaking through the security system guarding the Eurotunnel is very telling to me, it definitely emphasizes the struggle these migrants are dealing with. Take Abdul Rahman Haroun for example, not only did he risk his life, but he is also facing jail and he lost all his possibilities to request asylum or find a job in England. Now, it does not require rocket science to figure out that none of the restrictions that Abdul is now facing are going to help him. And spending millions of pounds on a security system to keep away the migrants in Calais are not going to help these people either – quite the contrary. Isn't it a bit concerning that the French and English government use so many to keep these people away instead of using the money to help these people? If these people were helped, there would be no need for such a strong security system, which makes this whole thing a bit ironic.

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