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Literacy Narrative - Pick Up a Book and Read

            "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads only live once," said Jojein. This quote brings me back to my freshman year in high school in my English class. My teacher, Mrs. Julie Harrington, short with flawless brown skin and a serious look on her face entered the room always stressing the need to read novels and Shakespeare. I never understood the purpose of reading the boring Latin part of old English that was spoken in Romeo and Juliet. But once she placed that big blue book "The Lovely Bones" on my desk and I read the first page I started to realize the importance of her telling me this. I will never forget hearing the smack of the book hitting my desk and the dust cloud coming from me flipping and skimming through the pages of a book that would eventually change my outlook on books. There seems to be so many other things to do with my time. I was a cheerleader at the time so I was occupied with practice and games on Friday nights, Talking and texting a 100mph on my cellphone, watching television and hanging out with friends like any other average teenager. But with so many reasons to read that book I started to realize the purpose behind reading and understanding.
             Reading develops the mind and help people understand things better. When I read this book about a girl named Susie who was walking home from school one cold winter and just when she was only a few feet away from her home her neighbor, George Harvey appeared to be in the cornfield as well. He persuaded her to enter into his underground tunnel he personally built himself and him being her neighbor for so many years she trusted him and proceed to go with him. Once down in the tunnel they talked and talked but when she was ready to leave and continue walking home he became very upset. He brutally raped and murdered her cutting her body into several pieces and placing them in a garbage bag stuffed in the inside of a safe.

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