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Observing the Ordinary - The Blanket

            Have you ever noticed how no one actually pays attention or appreciates, the importance of an object? Simple objects such as forks, tables, chairs, blankets, etc. can be very intriguing. Now that I put more thought into ordinary objects, one specific object stands out among the rest. My childhood blanket stands out to me because it was with me from the moment I was born until about a few months ago. When I first got my blanket it was very soft, fuzzy, warm, with vibrant colors, and was enormous compared to little me. The soft material made me feel very cozy as I had it around myself. Today it's a whole different story. .
             The once enormous blanket has seemed to have diminished over the years as I grew older. Every time I laid down and threw the blanket upon myself, it always managed to expose my feet. As much as I moved, tossed, and even wiggled, my whole body could never manage to stay covered. My blanket was a perfect rectangle shape, with an exquisite magenta color. The design was unique with bears holding colorful balloons, and a little puppy on top of a bright red flower. As the time flew by, my blanket's condition became poor. Now the stitching has torn, the colors have tremendously faded, the edging has fallen and the soft fuzzy fabric that once was, has become rough and stiff. .
             Although my blanket has worn out; it had this scent in which it smelled brand new. Despite the fact that my blanket was quite old, there always was this pleasant aroma. Every time it came out of the dryer, you could smell the lavender scent of the fabric softener. It was one of my favorite moments when I had my blanket. Every time it came out of the dryer, you could feel the softness and warmness it had (even though it wasn't the same). Whenever I had my blanket, my younger siblings would always try taking my blanket away from me. I could hear the tare of the fabric, as my brother and I tugged on it. Besides the sound of the tearing, I would usually hear the sound of a "thump" every time I went dragging my blanket down the stairs.

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