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Movie Summary - The Pursuit of Happyness

            "The pursuit of happiness"is the movie that has inspired me. A salesman Chris gardner invests all his family savings for portable bone-density scanners, an apparatus twice the price of an X-ray machine but with a slightly clearer image. Most doctors find that the scanners are just unnecessary luxuries and that has actually made their family broke. This enrages his wife, Linda, who works as a hotel maid. The financial instability erodes their marriage, despite caring for their five-years-old son, Christopher. When his wife has to move out to New York for a new job, Chris takes the sole responsibility towards taking care of Christopher. Chris then meets Jay Twistles, a manager for Dean Witter Reynolds. His relationship with Jay earns him a chance to become an intern stockbroker. Even though he becomes an intern at the prestigious brokerage firm, the position pays no money. They both must migrate a lot because of financial problem and endure many hardships. However, Chris refuses to give up. He struggles to create a better life for himself and his son. .
             There are many parts of the movie that has left a gargantuan impact on me. I am astonished and impressed by Chris Gardner's determination. He has to go through a lot of hardship. After he solves a problem, other problem will arouse shortly. He works hard to gain a job as a stockbroker, despite there is a small chance that he could get the job. He finally gets the position as a broker after competing with 20 interns. In the movie, he has taken risks that most people would not take. He goes for the interview with shabby clothes but he impresses the interviewers and lands an internship. Life was not easy on him but he managed to go through each of them patiently.
             Chris Gardner's determination in gaining success has changed my attitude to always go for what I think is best for me though I think it is impossible. He ignores all of the obstacles ahead of him and aims for what he wants instead.

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