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Chris Chambers in Stand By Me

            In the film Stand By Me, directed by Rob Reiner in 1986, a character I found interesting was Chris Chambers. I found this character interesting because throughout the film we see a lot of different sides of him and how he grows. We see him as being tough Chris that makes the decisions and looks out for his friends and we later see him as a supportive friend, then we see the honest and sensitive side of Chris. He also shows us that people can change, and accomplish what they put their mind to. .
             We are first introduced to Chris with a scene of him smoking in the tree house with his friends. This image tells us that Chris is a tough guy. We can also see that his character appears more grown up than the others. The narrator tells us, "Chris Chambers was the leader of our gang." We can clearly see this further on in the scene as Chris seems to make the decisions and the others follow him. Chris makes the decision to go search for the dead body saying, "Lets do it. What do you say?" and after a bit of convincing, everyone agrees. We also see in a few scenes later, when Gordie and Chris are heading to meet the others, that Chris isn't scared of a fight. When Ace steals Gordie's hat, Chris stands up to him, "you're a real a****** you know that." Chris then stands his ground when Ace is telling him to apologize, until Ace holds him to ground and threatens to put a cigarette to his eye. I found this interesting because it shows that he is brave but also that he is not stupid either. He seems to be the wisest out of his friends and realizes consequences. We also see this after he pulls Teddy of the train tracks to get him out of danger. He then makes peace with Teddy so that he isn't mad at him for the rest of the trip. From this I think we can definitely say that Chris is more mature and tough than his friends. It is interesting because his character is meant to be around twelve years old but at some stages in the movie we see him a lot more mature then that.

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