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Overview of the Renaissance Period

            Imagine moving to a different country after living in the same one for your entire life. The people are different, the language is different, and most of all, the culture is nothing like you've ever seen before. Around the mid 14th century, this feeling of massive change occured in Europe. From the collapse of the Roman Empire to 1350 CE, Europe went through a time known as, The Middle Ages where technological advances were exceedingly slow. During this time, the church held a firm grasp on society, causing many people to be illiterate. Although the majority of people were illiterate, the monks of the Catholic Church were some of the only people during this time to be granted with the gift of literacy. But at the start of the mid 14th century, Europe would never be the same again. What began is what we now call, The Renaissance. The renaissance was a time of rebirth, the attention of the European's slowly began to shift from the Church to man himself. Art, Creativity, and Humanism sprouted up to give life back to what was lost during The Middle Ages.
             When we think of the word "Renaissance" the name, DaVinci usually comes to mind. Like most renaissance men, DaVinci was an extremely accomplished painter. During the Middle Ages, the majority of paintings, if not all, were purely centered around themes relating to God and the Church. At the start of the Renaissance, that all changed. Painters like Leonardo DaVinci started painting things such as the Mona Lisa (Document A) which focused more intensely on the human form and expression. In the Middle Ages, paintings were usually unrealistically created, but still keeping Christ as the main subject. For instance, in the late 1200's a painter by the name of, Duccio di Buoninsegna created a painting titled, Madonna Enthroned Between Two Angels. (Document A) In this painting, there are two people. A woman painted with little detail, and a small child that seems to resemble an old man.

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