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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

            With the development of society, people are paying more attention to children protection (COLL). Government plays an important role in preventing children from abuse (COLL). A government agency, Children Protection Service (CPS) will perform an intervention if children are abused or neglected. The goal of CPS is to keep children with their parents if children are safe, and to take actions if children are at risk. However, the situations they come across are not always black and white, and they may face some dilemmatic cases sometimes. For example, her childhood experience that Jeannette Walls describes in her book, The Glass Castle, is a complicated case(adjective clause). Since their parents didn't shoulder the responsibility of raising them, Jeannette Walls and her sibling learned to take care of themselves. Always moving around, the family didn't have stable income, and sometimes they encountered starvation.(particip. phrase) Although the Walls children received good education from their parents, they were not taken good care of physically by their parents. Having been through a lot of problems together, the Walls children had a close relationship, and they loved, supported and helped each other(parallel structure). Upon weighting the pros and cons of the Walls children's lives, the CPS has to make a tough decision whether to keep the children with their parents or take them away from their parents. Though some people might recommend that the children should stay with their parents, I insist that they should be taken away from their parents and placed in a foster home. .
             Since the Walls children were getting better education from their parents than other children at their age, some people might consider that Jeanette and her siblings should stay with their parents. There is no doubt that Jeanette and her siblings received good education from their parents. For example, when the Walls children enrolled in the Mary s.

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