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Government Regulations and Internet Restrictions

            As the internet grows and more users become part of it the more restrictions we seem to have. The new user may never have the benefit of experiencing the internet as it was intended to be. There are many organizations that want to stop and restrict many usages that the internet provides the world with. Some of these organizations are controlled by the government which implies that our very own government wants to restrict our usage of the internet. Is it right for the own government wanting to limit something like the internet from its citizens. For many the internet is a form of privacy they have, and a way to have an opportunity of making something out of their life. .
             The reasoning behind the government wanting to implement restrictions on the internet is a very controversial topic due to the fact that American citizens feel like it violets their rights. Too many making a policy that would limit what people can or can't do is considered unconstitutional. The reason being is that it would violate many things such as freedom of press and freedom speech, as well as right to privacy. "Many experts warn the 'Net' may fragment into 'walled gardens' that block users' freedom to communicate and innovate."- This statement is from the article controlling The Internet by Marcia Clemmitt. This statement shows how restriction would violate people's freedom. The Government seems to want to control the internet similar to other countries such as China, Cuba, and North Korea all of which are communist countries. If the United States government wants to block it citizens from the internet and take away many rights such as the one stated in bill of rights and in the constitution would they just make themselves look very similar to a communist country .
             Another reason why the government should not be allowed to regulate the internet is for their very small understanding of it.

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