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The Republic and Allegory of the Cave

            Allegory of the Cave comes from book VII of Plato's best know n work: The Republic. In "The Republic," Plato speaks of good and justice and the story of the cave relates directly to that. The Allegory is still useful and relevant in today's world. It speaks of the influence that the media and government have over the people. Although the media greatly influences decision making it is truly the up to person to decide if the media is correct. The Allegory directly relates to how media influences political decision making because people are surrounded with the media's influence everyday.
             Plato's Allegory of the Cave begins by describing how people are chained in a cave. They have lived in this dark cave since birth and know nothing else. These people are unable to stand or move their head from side to side or turn it at all, they can only face forward. They have only the shadows on the walls to see and believe that the shadows are the only real things in this world. What they do not realize is that behind them is a fire, and behind the fire is a partial wall. On top of the wall are various statues, which are being manipulated by another group of people, who are lying out of sight behind the partial wall. Because of the fire, the statues cast shadows across the wall that the prisoners are facing. The people behind the fire control what the chained people see and neither realizes there is life outside the cave. One day one of the chained people is freed to see where the shadows come from. .
             When he stands he get horrible blinding pains because he has never done this before. He is brought to the statues and sees the fire. He is amazed to see how the shadows are made. He is then thrown outside the cave. As he walks outside of the cave, the light brings great pain to his eyes because he has never seen light before. Finally his eyes adjust to the light and he sees the world for the first time.

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