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German Artist Albrecht Dürer

            Albrecht Dürer, is an artist who was born in a place close to the lands I grew up, in southern Germany I would sometimes see buildings from the 16th century in the old parts of the city's and I could image the amount of inspiration he felt from the beauty of the lands; However Durer's art work seemed somewhat chaotic, but threw those crazy images I can see backdrop and sky's that remind me of the beautiful open spaces of my homelands. German art has developed in many different ways since the High Renaissance; this artist was very influential throughout Europe from a very early age during the 16th century. He was famous across Europe at the age of 20 which I find miraculous considering there was no social media, so painting and engraving was spread at a much less efficient rate even though the printing press was already invented.
             The research process for me was eye opening, from the book "The World of Dürer" at the sierra college library to the internet, some of the imagery was alarming, I began to wonder what was life like back during this age, where people so fearful of god wrath, pictures like "Saint Michael fighting the Dragon" make me wonder, did people believe in these creatures, did people of the land believe that their sins would hail these monstrous creatures. I feel as if that was no way to live. Maybe the calm at the bottom of the image made the people of this age actually feel secure maybe they believed in their patron saint as a defense against the evil that lurked just beneath there feet or above their head.
             My research brought me to a website called www.metmuseum.org on this site I was able to see the artwork in which he received the most honor. Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) was born in the city of Nürnberg, this city was known for art and the artist produced during the 15th century. Dürer was an apprentice of his father, who was a skilled goldsmith.

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