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Case Observation and Interview

            Bill is a fourteen-year old male and a freshman in High School. He has a messy appearance and does not seem as if he is in good health. He tells me that he is under a lot of stress and isn't sleeping or eating well. Over the course of our discussions I have found out that Bill's mom seems to be very depressed over the death of her husband. She basically sits in a rocking chair facing her apartment window waiting for her dead husband to come home. Bill is exhibiting depression and has no support from his mother, as she too is depressed. According to the Biological Approach, which looks at our genetics to construct a reason why we act the way we do and why we develop abnormal behaviors; Bill may have depression due to it running in the family. His environment is a sad one and his mom is not coping with the death of his dad, and continues to hope that he will one day return. Bill does not have the support from his mom to help him with school, feelings, or day to day duties. .
             When talking to him further I asked him to share some of his feeling with me about memories of is dad. Bill shut down and would not talk. He said, "I don't really remember." Bill has been taught by his mom to keep his problems to himself and not talk about them. Not talking about them would just make them go away or act as if they never happened. Bill's mom doesn't talk to him about anything and this is a main reason that he does not share his feeling either. Cognition is the mental process by which knowledge is acquired. Bill is failing school and has limited knowledge of academics. He won't go to his mom for help because he is keeping his feelings stuffed and his mom is in no state of mind to help him anyway. Bill is not getting the stimuli he needs to cope or function in a healthy home. Bill's behaviors come from what he has observed at home and the family norms. The Behavioral Approach is based on the concept of explaining behavior though observation, and the belief that our environment is what causes us to behave differently or suffer illnesses.

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