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Evolution of Education: Males and Females

            Sex differences in education are a type of sex discrimination in the education system affecting both men and women during and after their educational experiences. There was an extreme gender gap in education, where women didn't even have the pleasure of going to school. Women took the role of housework: cooking, cleaning, and sewing; marrying a husband; and taking car of the children: making sure they're well fed, cherished, and nurtured. If women were any bit of educated, they would be educated through homeschooling and their teacher would most likely be a male. Also, mostly wealthy families could afford homeschooling. Obviously, over time things change and there's an evolution whether it's our world changing through our advances in technology, people and their fashion senses or music from classical to pop. There's also an evolution of education, which gives more access to women than ever before.
             Education is the intergenerational transmission of knowledge. Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of others, but may also be autodidactic. How education is accomplished depends largely on the nature of society. The systematic provision of learning techniques to most children, such as literacy, has been a development of the last 150 or 200 years, or even last 50 years in some countries. Schools for the young have historically been supplemented with advanced training for priests, bureaucrats and specialists. .
             Horace Mann, an educator from Massachusetts helped create statewide common school systems. According to his biography, he was best known for promoting universal public education and teacher training in "normal schools". Mann served in the Senate, the Massachusetts education system, a history going back to 1647, was suffering, and the quality of education was deteriorating.

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