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A Profile on Psychiatric Disorders and Psychopathology

             According to Hare, psychopathy was best described by the characteristics that were diagnosed on individuals among all ages. The behavior is taken into consideration and observed in longitudinal studies by researchers. The knowledge that was acquired during many of the studies from Hare and previous researchers was based on adulthood and less was researched on the prior years of those individuals [childhood]. In numerous of the studies that were conducted, few mentioned the biological involvement in the psychopath trait origin. In the 90's, researchers like Blair based their research on the amygdala dysfunction being the core neural system in the pathology of psychopathy. Psychologist like Freud wanted to focus the study of psychopathology on finding the core and learning to prevent it. He encouraged the prevention should begin in childhood. Others like Kotler and McMahon focused on the literature of psychopathology to find the etiology of psychopathy. In conclusion to all these studies being performed over decades, the main priority was to figure out the etiology of psychopathology whether it lie in the genetic mutations or in previous childhood memories, all the psychology researchers wanted to be able to prevent the traits of a psychopath. .
             Psychologist have concluded that psychopaths are not developed based on the methods that have helped raised them rather there is more to the equation. Studies have shown that Personality Disorder (PD) has been mentioned as one of the reasons behind the creation of a psychopath and has been stated as being untreatable. Throughout this paper, I will state the consequences that adolescent and children face due to the burden of dealing with Personality Disorder and the path they take that can predict the emergence of a Psychopath. All different types of personality disorders will be mentioned that are associated with becoming a psychopath.

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