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The Big One - California's Impending Earthquake

            Scientists have been pressuring society to take action and become more aware of environmental issues for years now, lately ecological awareness has become a trend and society has been keeping up with the world's needs. With climate change comes various issues but one specifically called "San Andreas Fault". A fault is a crack in the rock where other rocks on the sides have move with each other, San Andreas Fault is the most famous fault in the world and due to small earthquakes in Northern Mexico to big earthquakes in Japan it has been getting more attention. The earth tectonic plates are all connected in some way and if you move something hard enough the other side will shake too, what is happening with San Andreas Fault is controversial due to the instability of the environment, with climate change comes different debates on how natural disasters has affected the geological aspect of the earth's crust, geoscientists from Universite de Perres showed a link between the intense climate change and tectonic plate movement which caused the Earth's axis to shift by several inches. Everything is unstable and now scientists can only predict various outcomes, one prediction that according to the California Department of Conservation Division of mines and geology will occur in the next 20 to 50 years is an earthquake magnitude 7.5 or greater and has been given the name, "The Big One". This fault runs along Northern California through Southern California all the way to Baja California, Mexico. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, an organization dedicated to reducing impacts of earthquakes in the states of Washington and Oregon reported, "The earthquake will release enough energy to equal 16,000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs." People have to be able to act immediately in a situation where there will be casualties, from not having water supply, electric power, food and possible injuries.

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