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Putting an End to Global Hunger

            Global hunger has become increasingly common amongst the growing population of the world since the 19th century (Hunger Facts, 2015). Due to the developing issues of a growing population, climate change and increasing economic inequality amongst the world, this issue of global hunger is only intensifying into almost unmanageable concern. .
             Issue and Main Causes With a rising population of over 7 billion, the demand for food is multiplying beyond comprehension and in many places is severely outweighing supply. To accommodate the needs of this growing population and globalisation, more green-house gases and dirty emissions are being released into the atmosphere than ever, spurring on the catalyst of the increasing amount of naturals disasters such as long periods of drought, floods and cyclones. These natural disasters are destroying crops and harvests for much of humanity, having a significant impact on the resources providing us with food and on the prolonged growth of this global issue. Another major cause for global hunger is the expansion of economic inequality due to globalisation; for 98% of the 1.2 billion hungry people in the world live in developing countries, ironically there are also 1.2 billion obese people in the world (Causes of Hunger are related to Poverty, 2010), highlighting this relation of economic inequality and poverty to hunger (World Hunger and Poverty, 2010). .
             Who is Affected and How are They Affected "1.2 billion people in the world are currently suffering from hunger" (Causes of Hunger are related to Poverty, 2010)." 98% of those suffering from this prevailing issue are in developing countries "(Hunger Facts, 2015).

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