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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

            In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, a young troubled boy goes on an adventure with a runaway slave. The name of this boy is Huckleberry, who is usually just referred to as Huck, and the runaway slave whose name is Jim. Huck is living with a lady known as the Widow Douglas; the Widow Douglas is trying to civilize Huck because he is a dirty kid that prefers to wear old torn up clothes and get in fights with other kids (J.N. Smith 1). One day Huck realizes that his dad (referred to as Pap; also the town drunk) is back in town, and looking for Huck so he can get some money. One night Huck goes off with Tom Sawyer so they can have a meeting for their group of friends. When he gets back to the Widow Douglas' house he finds Pap sitting in his room ready to take Huck and get his money. Pap takes Huck to a cabin that Pap is staying at and he locks Huck in the cabin so that he can go and get drunk. .
             One night Pap gets so drunk that he attempts to kill Huck, by doing this he scares Huck so much that he sits up all night aiming a rifle at Pap. After this horrible experience Huck decides that he has to get out of there as soon as possible so when Pap goes out one day he escapes, kills a pig, puts the pigs blood all over the cabin to look like his own blood, and breaks down the door so that it looks like some robbers broke in and killed Huck. After that he escapes to Jackson's Island because nobody lives there and he figures he can hide there for a while. After being on the island for awhile he stumbles upon a campfire and decides to seek who made the fire (J.N. Smith 1). The next day he finds Miss Watson's slave, Jim, is also living on the island. Jim ran away because he overheard the Widow talking to a slave trader about selling Jim. If he was sold then he would never see his family again so he escaped to Jackson's Island. After they both share each other's stories about escaping they begin to become companions.

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