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Short Story - Beauty Killed the Beast

            She didn't paint the picture of the perfect girl a guy would gape at, but she had a captivating appearance. One which caused you to freeze in your path and just admire her swaying hips as she carefully placed one foot in front of another; her chin slightly down and her long brown hair slightly brushing her flushed cheeks. She approaches her destination with this confidence that just leaves you in awe as she struts past you; her face with a confident expression that is sort of intimidating but at the same time fatally beautiful. .
             Her eyes were this beautiful brown pair; sending out this strong message as the shades narrowed down into her pupils, causing one to be highly attracted as if drawn by a magnet. Her little nose fit perfectly in the center of her round face, and her smile. Oh her smile. It stretched beautifully as her rosy lips elevated and pierced dimples into her rosy cheeks. Then to top it all, her beautiful brown hair was the most amazingly sexiest thing I've ever seen. It flowed in beautiful bouncy waves from her head down to her hips, neatly adorning her face and giving it an amazing background. .
             She didn't set out a vulnerable appeal but she was a desire. A desire to many but only loved by few. She never fit into the squads, groups and crews. She walked her path alone. Head held high towards the sky and the stars. She never portrayed the need of a companion or friend to lean on. The way she carried herself was captivating. .
             Mathew closed his journal and let out a long breath as he clicked the pen on the cover over and over. His grey eyes sparkled as he slowly lifted his gaze upwards from his desk and shifted his legs beneath the table. He lift his body lazily off the chair and walked over to his window with his wine glass held perfectly in his left hand. He slowly pulled the curtains aside as he sipped from his glass. The rays bled all over his face, down his neck onto his shoulders and muscles and further down over his abs.

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