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Short Story - A Creepy Romance

            "What up bro, have you decided with who you are going to prom yet?" Said Dave, Charlie's best friend.
             "Not yet dude, Ashley seems fine, but Kim's body rocks" replied Charlie, with a tricky smile and an insecure tone.
             "You shall invite both, one has to accept, hasn't one?" insisted Dave, trying to convince his friend. But the main idea, kept in secret from Dave, was to screw Charlie's prom, taking advantage of broken hearts from Ashley and Kim.
             "Shall I? That would not be right bro. They are nice girls, and I'm not like that, I rather be refused than a "player"." With a killing stare to Dave, Charlie proclaimed his last word.
             "Oh well, that's right, they deserve true gentleman, like us." Dave said, avoiding the guiltiness coming from his best friend.
             "Finally, you said something with coherence What about if you invite Kim and I invite Ashley? That would be nice." Proposed Charlie, with his full of confidence and natural tone. .
             "Sounds perfect bro." Replied Dave, staring at the sky, trying to forget the topic, about Ashley and his endless feelings for her. The following day, they were discussing about the homecoming plans. How the proposals will be? Naturally, the history of prom proposal has been carrying speechless proposals, with amazing ideas, but they were in blank.
             So they started shopping and decorating their presents. That night, they went to each house where they supposed to do amazing things to get the "yes", from their prom couples. Charlie's idea was amazing, the skipped he corny part, he went directly to the major leagues. Flowers and chocolates were too fancy for him. Ashley received a card from an anonymous saying: "if you believe in real love, you have to live real challenges. See "ya" on Friday at 10 pm, in the parachute. Let's fly together.".
             She read the letter, her hormones went crazy, she was amazed.

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