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Interplast - Generations of Differences

            Instaplast, the most advanced packaging company in Pakistan currently, the dream of Instaplast started in 2004 headed by my father Shahid Sattar and his two brothers Abid Sattar and Mustafa Sattar. Shahid Sattar being the eldest of the brothers and having invested the most money in the company has 50% shares while also being the Chairman of the company. Abid Sattar and Mustafa Sattar both have 25% shares respectively while being appointed roles in the company. Abid Sattar is the Deputy Chairman while Mustafa Sattar is the Chief Executive Officer. Instaplast is a Private Limited Company with Shahid Sattar, Abid Sattar and Mustafa Sattar forming the Board of Directors for the company as well with no sort of independent director included yet. In late 2004, when my father came up with the idea of Instaplast at that time, there was only one competitor in Pakistan who was providing companies with plastic packaging. Mr. Sattar soon realized the massive gap in the market and set out to reach his goals with the help of his brothers who were also extremely interested and motivated in the business. In 2006, the construction of the first state of the art manufacturing facility starts in Sheikhupura, Pakistan with the head office of the company situated in Lahore, Pakistan.
             Instaplast is a relatively new company with the vision of setting new standards of quality and customer in the plastic packaging industry. The company is looking for sustainable development in the present and future by using their expertise in extrusion, thermoforming and injection molding which has immense growth potential in the Pakistani market. The company's operation are structured along the product and technological lines with the main focus coming from rigid plastic packaging. Instaplast manufactures two types of packaging called the PET preforms and plastic closures. The PET preform is the most valuable business for the company as they are right now providing to large multinationals such as Pepsi, Nestle and Coca-Cola.

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