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Marche Slave by Tchaikovsky

             Although some fragments have a recognizable sound to me, I am sure that I have not ever listened to this particular piece. It reminds me to some melodies from the Disney movie, "Aladdin," but I would say it is only a coincidence of styles and they are completely different tunes. I am not very well-versed in classical music despite I really enjoy it. However, I already knew Tchaikovsky before doing this assignment. I have listened to specific fragments from some of his most famous works such as, "Swan Lake," "The Nutcracker," and, "Romeo and Juliet.".
             The comments on the YouTube link helped me in some way. Apart from the commentaries relative to nationalist issues or those related to hatred, semitism, or a hypothetical Slavic supremacy, I found some interesting musical clues. As far as I read, most of these musical comments discussed the relation between Mozart and this Russian genius. Some of the users suggested that Mozart's style was weak compared to Tchaikovsky's style. On the other hand, Mozart's defenders argued that at his time, the German composer disposed of a smaller orchestra. Apart from this comparison I did not find any other useful information. It is unquestionable that this piece transmits the kind of martial rhythm and strength that move an army while marching.
             I checked first the comments on the YouTube link while listening because it was easy. Afterwards I also gathered information for other databases and websites. Firstly I looked up in the Grove-entry. In spite of the huge amount of information referred to Tchaikovsky's life itself and his main work and compositions, I could hardly find a mention of the Marche Slave in the passage of his life during 1866-1876, his first decade in Moscow. So, to be honest, the Grove-entry seems a magnificent database, it contains exhaustive details of Tchaikovsky's biography; however, it was not that useful when it comes to form an opinion on this particular piece.

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