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Copernicus and Descartes

            The enlightenment portrayed through modernity was shaped by a lot of Philosophers, Astronomers, Scientists and many others. Copernicus and, Descartes (known as the father of modernity) were some of the major players who introduced philosophical theories that changed the Medieval World View into a modern one. Copernicus introduced the theory of heliocentricity. Through this theory, he argued that the sun is in the centre of the earth and other planets revolve around the sun. On the other hand, Descartes was a Sceptic. Amongst many things, the major thing that he introduced in the world he introduced the act of questioning reality for example, the existence of one's self. The answer to his questions was: 'I think therefore I am'. The theories that these Philosophers produced had a major impact in the western world (and eventually the whole world) as it changed the beliefs of the people as they started to question God's existence and their prior values. Thus this essay will explain the theory of Heliocentricity to show how he influenced the scientific revolution. Following that, it will illustrate how Descartes Modernized the Western World from the previous Medieval World View. This will be done by firstly, describing what the Pre-modernity and the meaning of Modernity. Following that, an in depth review into Copernicus' theory as well as Descartes will be made. Lastly, this essay will be discussing how Descartes led the society of the time into modernity. .
             Pre-modern worldview is a view that argued that the supernatural and the natural existed side-by-side. They believed that events that were natural were caused by the supernatural. The believed in all that was said in the bible as it laid the foundation of their morals and entire way of life. On the other hand, Modernism is a view that mainly focuses on logic, rationalism and science. It encourages humanity to find answers through the three mentioned factors in order to become neutral observers in the world.

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