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City and Community Development Submission

            The City of Wyndham is a local government area in Melbourne Victoria. It is located in the outer south-western fringes of Melbourne, between Melbourne metropolitan area and the district city of Geelong. The city's earliest settlers were the Watha Wurring and Yalukit indigenous tribes (2015 profile Id, city of Wyndham). Over the years the city of Wyndham has been deem to be one of the fastest growing city in the nation. According to the 2014 Australian Bureau of statistic on population development, Wyndham city council is the largest and fastest growing city in all of Victoria local government councils and also it is the fourth fastest growing city council in the nation. With its vast population growth increasing steadily, the city of Wyndham is home to very large multicultural communities. The 2015 community profile Id for Wyndham city council indicated that over 54,000 of the city's residents in 2012 were born oversea, and that almost 31% of this people migrated to Australia with in the period of five years to 2012.
             The May of Wnyhdam City .
             Outcomes from my first assessment indicated that the city of Wyndham has an increasing population of people that speaks different languages other than English, and that over 30% of this population have some difficulties in speaking and understanding English language (2015 profile id, city of Wyndham).These findings also identify that this could have direct impacts on how people from these communities access their health care services. The mean objective of this community development plan will be divided in to two part, firstly creating an inter-profession health care facility that provide help in terms of improving people health literacy; this will include creation of a space will people from the community can get access to simple and basic health information. Secondly creating a holistic health care service model for the inter-professional health care facility where all health care disciplines in the center work collaboratively in delivering health care service.

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