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Fredrick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs

            During our horrific times of slavery there were two brave individuals that dealt with so many different negative aspects of slavery. In this essay you will see the difference of being a woman slave verses being a man in slavery. Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs have an ongoing fight of survival as they take their unrightfully place in slave life. These two authors were slaves and they were treated badly in their master's homes. . Freedom was taken away from them and despite the fact that they are in the mid of a war zone of rights, many people would not expect them to survive. .
             Both of these authors a similar in a lot of ways and different in other ways. Jacobs and Fredrick both believe that they had a right to stand up to their slave owners. They were both mistreated and had to stand up for their beliefs. Frederick Douglas was determined to fight for his freedom. He was tired of being beat by Convey that didn't care if he was dead or alive. Douglass attitude and views contribute to his credibility by getting him to be free. Frederick Douglas was a field slave when Harriet Jacobs was a house slave with two children. Both Jacobs and Douglass stood up for a very important reasons that changed their lives. They decided to take actions about what was happening to them, Douglass was being mistreated by his owner Covey; and Jacobs was going to be sold by her owner. Although she left her kids, Matilda and Joseph she was still close enough in hiding to watch them. While she was in hiding her kids father Samual Tredwll purchased the kids and promised their freedom in New York with family. .
             Although Frederick Douglas and Harriet Jacobs were both slaves they had different views and a different way of dealing with their way of obtaining freedom. Frederick Douglas was tired of being beat and mistreated so he physically fought his slave owner. He was angry and aggressive. He ran off to his master Thomas for help but was sent back.

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