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An Overview of Cloning

            Hollywood is the place where imagination comes to life, even if it will never be possible or quite frankly, against the law. Human cloning is good example of what is seen in movies. As people dwelled on the thought, especially after Dolly the sheep was born, it has become a realistic issue that is seen within our laws as well as on screen. In movies that portray the act of cloning, you see many different issues present and most of the films I found followed a very similar story path as to the complex complications that would come with cloning.
             Cloning is first seen as a solution to live forever and a way around incurable diseases (The Island 2005). They say it will be a way for us to save lives, for families to save that child with failing lungs or replace a child with a brain tumor (The Sixth Day 2000). They first show the social interaction the clone has within society. To begin with, no one can even tell who is a clone and who is not. However, once the secret is out they are regarded as freaks because it is outside the cultural norm and as abominations because it is outside the beliefs of many people. It is pointed out that the clones are only living organisms, they will have no rights, no inheritance, and no place in society (The Sixth Day 2000) besides perhaps being another body part for someone else.
             They also emphasize on the socialization process that never took place since technically a clone is only imprinted with memories of the previous person. Once the clone itself realizes that it is a clone, a range of emotions occurs. The common trait is that they become depressed, feeling as if someone else as already lived their lives. They feel no sense of individuality, and question whether or not they even have a soul (The Island 2005). The rest of society become concerned as to whether or not they can even be trusted by the clones (The Godsend 2004). Society then places a label around them that will keep them on the outside and will always force them to be the minority.

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