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Issues of Legalizing Marijuana

            Over the past decade there has been some controversy of whether the legalization of marijuana would be constitutional. Many believe there should be legalization of marijuana but put laws on how much we can consume and in certain situations. I believe it should be legalized because the constitution does not state that a federal government to regulate or ban substances that we choose to consume. Most states in the country have banned marijuana usage and possession in their counties but could in the future be legalized just as what happened in the Prohibition Era. Legalizing Marijuana would help the United States in revenue with the taxation in sales and could create millions each month and also save money from drug wars. Marijuana can be used as a legal and safe medicine to treated diseases such as Alzheimer's, Glaucoma and Cancer. There should be limitations on legalizing marijuana by who can access this drug and for certain conditions or even from a doctor's recommendation. Marijuana should be legal to the public in terms of the citizens having a right to choose what they put in their bodies.
             The constitution defines our freedom and we can retain our rights from the federal government, where in the constitution it states nowhere that government officials can detain the use of any drug. In Kieffers article she states, "For, the Constitution is silent on the federal government's ability to regulate or ban substances that adults choose to digest at their own peril-or medical relief"(Kieffer, Par1) meaning that the constitution does not claim to regulate or ban any drug. Banning a product or substance like marijuana will just make history repeat itself just like the Prohibition era when the manufacture or sale of alcohol was illegal. Kieffer quotes "We repealed the 18th amendment via the 21st amendment"(Kieffer, Par2) stating that the U.S government eliminated the ban of alcohol with the 18th amendment and passed the 21st amendment that made a age limit for the consumption of alcohol.

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