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Why Choose the Death Penalty

            "In simple terms, capital punishment,"" otherwise known as, the death penalty, "is the lawful taking of a person's life after conviction for a crime-(Henderson3). Now that we have defined it, what does it mean? .
             Some people deserve to die, but does anyone have the right to kill? There is much supporting economic evidence against the death penalty. However, there is matching evidence to support it. In the simplest terms possible, it all comes down to the cost efficiency of sentencing to life in prison vs. death, and of course, compliance with the United States Constitution. .
             Capital Punishment was common throughout the ancient world. Death sentence were carried out for many offenses. Some were sentenced to death for crimes as minor as the fraudulent sale of beer (Henderson 5-6). The whole "eye for an eye- mentality clearly shows up in our countries past. An example of the "eye for an eye- being the Salem Witch trials in Massachusetts, in 1692 (Steins 25). Although capital punishment has been around for hundreds of years, it is still very controversial. Some states in our country are much more likely to convict criminals to death than others.
             In 1996, a dozen juvenile offenders' were sentenced to death nationwide. So far this year, only two such sentences have been handed down. As for actual executions of teen offenders, 12 have taken place in the past four years - eight of them in the "uniquely blood thirsty- state of Texas (Steins 26). Texas is the state most likely to carry out a death sentence. How is the sentence carried out?.
             In the past the death sentence was carried out in many "cruel and unusual- ways. "Methods of execution such as hanging and firing squads, once common place, are now out of favor because of the "evolving standards of decency (Hays 12). Today, the lethal injection is used. So, usually 2-3 million dollars and 8 years later, justice is served when the criminal is put to death.

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