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Biography of General Sir Arthur William Currie

            General Sir Arthur William Currie was a determined and successful general who led many of Canada's soldiers to victories. He played a key role in Canada's fight for independence. General Currie was born on December 5th 1875, on a homestead close to Strathroy, Ontario. Currie grew up with seven other siblings. Currie was a very intelligent child, who shined in almost every subject. "It was here that he blossomed into 'an excellent student, as acquaintances would recall. 'Several essays which he wrote at this time were considered good enough to be published in the local news paper'. Literature was his favorite subject; he read a lot; 'if I had any preferences,'He would later say, 'it was the works of Kipling and Shakespeare," (Dancocks, 8).
             One of Curries many talents was most clearly shown at Starthroy Collegiate. One of his childhood friends said that Currie, "was particularly clever in debate," (Dankcocks, 8). When he debated he was able to show the world that he was a born leader. "Then, veering to the right, he walked around the room, 'shooting arguments like bullets every step," (Dancocks, 9). In October 1891, when Arthur was 15, his dad died of a stroke. His death crushed Arthur and his future dreams. Currie could no longer follow his dreams of becoming a lawyer because his family could not afford to send him to university. Instead, he decided to return to Strathroy Collegiate to try and receive his honors diploma. Unfortunately, he didn't end up getting the diploma and quit school. On June 5th 1875, Currie made the most crucial decision he would ever make: he signed up for the Militia as a gunner for the 5th Regiment in the Canadian Garrison Artillery. Soon after he fell in love with, Lucy Sophia Chaworth-Musters, and they married on August 14 1901. Currie than faced many problems as a result of the Militia; he had no time for his family and he started to feel guilty.

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