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Chemosensation and Chemoreceptors

             Eating, eating, and eating it is the most frequent activity that we can't let slip. It is dubbed as the most "Favorite Activity" of the day for most of us where we have the time to talk to our friends while enjoying the food or just to take escape from the world but this feeling can be torn by our worst enemy, common cold, when it makes everything in your palate seems to taste bland and pale or makes everything taste the same. Well, almost all of us had such experience and it sucks. This was when the pair got the idea of making an investigation on such a matter. The researchers, being very curious themselves, tried to fill their curiosity. Trying to find out the reason why every food tastes like each other or tastes bland or pale whenever we have common cold and wandering what methods can be used to imitate the situation of a person's nose with cold, what food should be use as samples to be putted for the taste-test at the same time forced them to execute an investigatory project.
             After a lot of inquiries and brainstorming, the researchers finally found out how to execute the experiment with the aid of all their sources in the bibliography including the researchers, themselves. They started out with the cleaning of the place and preparation of the materials needed. When all were ready for the experiment, they placed water in a large mixing bowl and sprinkled the gelatin powder over the water while continually stirring. After that, they divided the mixture into separate bowls; they also added different flavors but the same amount of sugar for each of the mixtures and mixed it thoroughly. Then, they covered the mixing bowl with plastic wrap and let the mixture rest for 10 minutes. Finally, when the process was done, they turn on the stove; set it on medium heat, they place the pot and pour one of the mixture, the researchers bring the mixture to boil stirring occasionally and gently.

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