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San Francisco's Restorative Justice System

            The United States has a criminal justice system that allows us, to process individuals from different races and backgrounds, in order to create justice and bring peace to our society.Practicing restorative justice would make our Nation more cooperative and productive and it would most likely experience positive changes when those in our criminal justice system start learning and practicing the new restorative justice values. Restorative justice would be a task that, not only our governmental agencies would exercise but also our workplaces, classrooms, and families. Let's keep in mind that the central obligation of restorative justice is to put right the wrongs. (Book) In other words, By practicing restorative justice we would have the obligation and responsibility to reduce crime, improve human behavior, strengthen civil society, provide effective leadership, restore relationships and repair harm.
             The right training and guidance can create mentors that carry the value and significance of our restorative justice system. For example, the use of restorative justice at the workplace can teach our employees that by bringing an issue up to management can repair or even prevent harm and hostile environment in the workplace. The process would involve victims, offenders and witnesses and they would have a chance to express how they felt about the damage created. After describing how they felt and if the opportunity presents, management would encourage some type of pay back or forgiveness to the victim coming from the offender. In other words, by enforcing this concept we would be promoting the principle of engagement, in which the primary parties affected by the offense (victims, offenders and witnesses) would be given significant roles in the justice process. (Book) .
             It is important that our children get the right education and they grow up to be good citizens of our nation. In order to assure that our children will contribute to society, we must make sure that our school teachers are educated not only in their fields, but also in ways that they will know how to identify problems among their students.

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