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Factors Affecting Homesickness

            University is a time for circumstances that make it possible to do something and a challenge for first year student. Adjustment to university is one of the determining factors for success at university. University adjustment is complicated and multifaced (as cited by Baker & Siryk, 1984, 1986 ; Baker McNeil & Siryk, 1985). Through adjustment scholars will be enables to perform well academically and be able to form good relationships. The change from school to university is quite immense and can be rather overwhelming for first year students. The term adjustment is used as a synonym for adaption (Monroe 2007) it is difficult for one to adjust to life at university. There are certain factors which affect adjustment in university for first year student. For one to be adjusting well to university life one must be happy and perform well academically (Robinson, 2009). And the term adjustment refers to the way one in which one deals with the stresses that surround the environment in which he/she is in (SEViNç & GiZiR, 2014). In a university environment first year student have more opportunities to explore different lifestyles.
             Academic habits from high school to university change drastically. First year students often have to study harder as the academic demands have increased and are of a higher standard. Priorities will need to be set and learned to manage (Baker, 1985). The population of a class in university may be larger than that in high school therefore, one will not get the individual attention that one is probably used to getting. Required will be a change in mind-set and to learn to think independently than relying on a teacher. Self-discipline becomes difficult, because one does not have internalised pressure and has moved to total independance from ones parents or teachers to manage one's workload and study program. The motivation one receives in university decreases drastically to that one is used to.

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