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Choosing Arkansas State University - Heber Springs

            Arkansas State University-Heber Springs is located in the middle of the natural beauty that surrounds Greers Ferry Lake, and it offers many great classes in new facilities. It is located right under Sugar Loaf Mountain also. ASU Heber is a two-year school, and offers associate degrees, vocational and technical classes. You can also go here for two-years and transfer to a different college. I wisely chose ASU Heber because it was cheap, close to home, and it's going to help me decide what I want to do later on in life, after college.
             I chose ASU Heber because I didn't have a lot of money saved up for college. I also didn't have good test scores. I received the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship and it gave me two thousand dollars to pay for school. After I got that scholarship, my balance for the first semester was five hundred and seventy five dollars. I also had to buy my books, and those were three hundred and fifty dollars. The whole semester was only nine hundred and twenty five dollars. If I would have attended any other college in Arkansas such as, Arkansas Tech, Arkansas State, University of Arkansas, or Harding, it would all cost a fortune. I would really want a lot of scholarship money if I attended one of those schools. .
             The main reason why I chose ASU Heber is because it is close to home. I wasn't ready to go off to a big college and not know anyone. In Heber Springs I know a lot of people, and I have many friends who are still here. My mom recently got into a car accident and is in the hospital for a while. Since I go to ASU-Heber, I can easily take my brothers to school and practice. I have to help out my father because he is at the hospital a lot, and has no way to get back and haul my brothers around. I figured if I stayed at home for college for the first two-years, I would stay more focused. If I would have left Heber Springs, I wouldn't have buckled down for my classes and my homework.

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