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The Tim Hortons and Burger King Merger

             Human Resource Management uses many methods, systems, processes and procedures to lead and manage people within an organization to achieve goals. One of these processes is Human Resource (HR) Planning. HR planning can vary in levels (1-5) from very little planning to very detailed planning. The merger between Tim Hortons and Burger King in late 2014 can be classified as level 5 planning. The newly merged company, Restaurant Brands International, has a strategic HR plan to open over 1000 new locations combined in Canada, the U.S. and the Middle East. Their mission was to be the world leader in restaurant business industry. To accomplish this, Restaurant Brands International needed to predict what human resource demand would be needed over the next five years. By applying the steps to HR planning, and determining the factors that might arise to affect the supply of human resources, Restaurant Brands International could effectively develop and implement their strategic HR plan. .
             Recommendations to improve or maintain the strategic plan of this merger would be to implement the Three commitments to Canada principles to the best of their ability. Since 90% of sales come from Canadian locations, this will ensure customer attitudes towards the brand remain loyal. Another recommendation would be to reevaluate the rate of growth over the next five years in Canada. Tim Hortons has almost reached market saturation in Canada so a better option would be to focus on developing menu options to keep up with trends in the market and shifting expansion on the potential growth to the U.S. and global market. The third recommendation is to renegotiate with the government on combining locations. Combining locations will potentially increase sales, as customers will purchase items from both restaurants in the same purchase period. .
             Human Resource (HR) Planning can be defined as a process used to determine future human resource requirements.

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