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Enron – The Smartest Guys In The Room

             "Enron" as a word has been used to denote an era of such a company. The company is being a striking example for a collapse, which was purely due to corporate and individual greed and that today it has lead to strong business problems all around the world. Fraudulent activities inside a company can be managed and kept away from the stakeholders eye only for a certain amount of time, however it comes to the lime light one fine day. Enron has been continuously trying to hide their actual numbers and always tries to maintain the outer look of the company so as to gain profits overall. Finally when Enron had to file a bankruptcy the entire company was put into investigation and as a result the findings has made a huge knock over the business today. .
             In 1985 after the merger with Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth, Kenneth Lay founded the company "Enron". At the time of merger the company was seen to be in debt and hence a financial consultant name Jeffery Skilling was hired and was asked to come up with a solution to get rid of this massive debt. Mr. Skilling came up with an idea where the company can opt to have different suppliers and buy gas from them and in turn sell to the consumers. Lay was way impressed by this idea, which lead Mr Skilling to run a separate division that he created and that was named Enron Financial Corps. From here Enron took away the market and started to dominate the natural gas business by adding more and more contracts with more supplies and new customers. .
             Enron was soon named the most innovative company of America by the Fortune Magazine. The company was also soon seem to take over the investment world with their newer technology and the business invention (Thomas 2002). Soon in 1999 Enron went completely online as most of the company income was traded from the online website and became the leader of the world business (CBC news).

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