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The Expansion of U.S. Foreign Policy

            The United States had a hidden agenda while helping other nations to gain power and for the U. The United States saw that we had better education opportunities and better views and that is why the U.S. wanted everyone to think we were a superior nation. .
             The only reason we helped Cuba was because the U.S. had an investment in their agriculture land, especially in large amounts of sugar. The Spanish dominated over the Cubans and destroyed the lands that the U.S. was using when they were trading with the Cubans. The U.S. felt the need to reserve and gain protection to avoid an attack from the other countries because of our nation's surrounding of large bodies of water. Alfred Theyer Mahan, who advanced the ideas of Mechanism that was led by strategic concerns, stressed the U.S. economic, territorial, and navel expansion. One of our top priorities was the U.S. trade lines because the international trades brought financial prosperity to America. Between 1867 and 1899, the U.S. managed to seize a complete trade line by purchasing islands throughout the Pacific Ocean to China. By doing this allowed security to increase the U.S. economic trades. Republicans supported the mixed reviews of Expansionism and Seizure, while Democrats opposed the reviews. Seizure was good in some ways because it helped to build up our trade that made a secured and safe pathway. The ideas of the Americans were bias on our moral and our beliefs of the society. .
             Other countries started to dislike the U.S. because they thought the U.S. were bullies and that caused us wanting to expand more. The U.S. did in fact bully other countries and forcing our beliefs upon them. "Speak softly and carry a big stick" was a policy by Teddy Roosevelt that said if other countries did not go along with the sharing of our ideas and beliefs, the U.S. would bully to follow the ways of other countries. "This notion of spreading American values and ideals throughout the world helped make the U.

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