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Realm of the Invisible in Allegory of the Cave

            A wife is suspecting that her husband is cheating with his secretary, when confronting him; he denied the story. So she hired a private investigator, one day her phone rings and was ask to go to a specific restaurant. When she arrives she saw her husband with the secretary passionately having lunch. When they arrive in the house, they started an argument and though the husband accidentally spilled the affair, he later take it back and explained that's what not he meant and he was just planning he's schedule with his secretary. When the wife explains that to her girlfriends, however, she said he didn't really see them doing anything and therefore believe that they were just planning his schedule, although they in contrary didn't believe the same. Though Socrates would agree that she is sitting in the darkness with her eyes full of enlightenment, however if she chooses she can see that in reality that her husband is not being faithful. He would agree that the wife needs friend who can make her see throughout the truth, not just friend who's minding their own business.
             Plato start the allegory of the cage as people being chained, they are watching what they think is reality in the wall, the shadow of true reality made by a fire they are with. They never complaint about whether the reality is really what it seems. He gives the example of how some would react if they were lease free, some would embrace the sun and they would realize that the true sun is out in the world and it shines and give the true shadow. Others in the other hand would find it too much of a load, they would not be able to look at the sun because it would shines on the true world. It would be too much for them to handle. The ones who realize they were manipulated about the true world would tell the others in the cave about the true world. Some wouldn't accept it because they felt that the fire behind them was showing them exactly the true reality.

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