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How We Perceive One Another

            Community is a very important conceptualization used in society. It is an eminent fact that a human being hardly likes to live alone; we like to live our life in a group. It is also true that we cannot be part of all the groups in the world. A community can be defined as a group of people living in the same place under certain rules or to people who have particular characteristics in common, such as religion, race, culture, etc. Usually, a community creates a common identity through distinctions from other groups or communities (usually by signs or actions), which is shared and developed among its members and socialized. The main objective of this essay is to analyze what it means to be a part of a community and examine a member of my community and write a profile.
             Being a member of a community is very important in order to succeed. Communities are a very important part for human existence that impact our world view. As a member of a distinguished community, I have the curiosity of learning about the different religions, races and cultures that exist in the community. The community where I live is quite small and urban. It's populated of people from different races and cultures, which makes it really special. One very important trait of our community is the way that we see one another and the world that is around us. Two different people can interpret different realities. For example, by looking at a forest, probably, they will both agree that there are trees and mountains there. However, for one can be seen as a place full of danger, but for the other, it might be a paradise. People react to the world according to their way of perceiving it. Our personality determines the way that we see the world, and the way that we see one each other. .
             One of the things in our community that we have in common, is that most of its members are immigrants from all over the world. For all I know, there is people living here from China, Mexico, Germany and Cuba.

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